Coconut Burfi(नारळाच्या वड्या | Naral Wadi)

Coconut Burfi(नारळाच्या वड्या | Naral Wadi)

This word comes from the sweetness of the tongue barfi.
barfi type of mithai. Originally from India,the name is a derivative of the Persian word barf, which means snow.
The flavor of a barfi is often enhanced with fruits (such as mango or coconut).
One of the my favorite barfi is Coconut barfi how to make Coconut barfi below Mehod. Please have a look.
In Maharashtra famous Coconut Burfi are also called “Naralipak” and in Marathi Khobaryachya Vadya. Coconut barfi is an easy to make and quick recipe.


Ingredient |

Coconut Burfi(नारळाच्या वड्या | Naral Wadi)

preparation time – 20 mins
Cook time -20 mins

Ingredient :

  • Granted Coconut -3
  • Sugar – 3 cup
  • Cardamom Powder – 2 tsp
  • Ghee – 1 tsp

Granted Coconut-Life Keep Teaching

Making the sweet coconut Barfi

    • Heat a pan with ghee when ghee is mest add granted coconut and saute it after 30 Seconds add sugar. Mix and begin to heat or a meMixtureat

Sugar+cardamom - Life Keep Teaching

    • Sugar begins melt and the time add cardamom powder and keep stirring.
    • At some Time Mixture turns goeey and bubbly continue stir.

mixture mixing - Life Keep Teaching

    • After some time that mixture begins to thicken continue to stir
    • Mixture are almost sticky but continue stirring
    • We need to cook past the earlier step just for few secondlevelil all the bubble vanish the mixture also begins to leave the side of the pan

pour this to the pan -Life Keep Teaching

  • Now a grease cool plate. I prefer to use parchment paper for easy removal. You can also use aluminium foil.
  • Immediately pour this to the pan and level the top.
  • Cut to desired size.The mixture cools down.
  • Mixture keep it in a cool and store coconut barfi in a tight jar.

Coconut Burfi(नारळाच्या वड्या | Naral Wadi)

Your Coconut barfi are ready to eat…

Neha Bhosle