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Now a days Non-renewable source like oil, gas, coal is increasing at price rate so come to apply some other renewable source of energy like solar energy, wind energy etc… Many countries apply solar energy.
China 43,530 MW (22.5%), Germany: 39,700 MW (20.6%), Japan: 34,410 MW (17.8%), United States: 25,620 MW (13.3%), Italy: 18,920 MW (9.8%), United Kingdom: 8,780 MW (4.5%),France: 6,580 MW (3.4%), Spain: 5,400 MW (2.8%), Australia: 5,070 MW (2.6%), India: 5,050 MW (2.6%).

What is photovoltaic power (PV) ?
Defination of photovoltaic is Solar energy is “light” and “heat” is energy particles coming from sunlight voltaic is producing a voltage or volts.
Solar energy is a renewable free energy is totally unlimited.It is also a non-polluting of energy.
Now a days School or colleges education basics of solar power. also school or colleges project are undertaken solar power.

Solar energy light and heat energy coming from the sun Photovoltaic (PV) cell.This energy is converted into an electric current (DC) electricity and the inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity. Solar energy renewable are Mobile charger, Speakers, lamps etc… also Solar energy used to lights, pools, heaters and gadgets.

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